How to start a CPA and Tax Accounting firm

After developing five of my own accountants near me practice and helping over 2000 accountants in the process, I’ve learned a lot about how to make your own.

Accounting professionals will have the best chance of success when they start their own Accounting and Tax CPA firm. It is important to remember that clients are key ingredients for a successful practice. This includes the ability to provide services to them. Many accountants looking to establish their own practice face a lot of overhead, which can hinder their ability to succeed. It is possible to defer unneeded costs until they become essential. You should only purchase what is necessary to serve the first clients. Keep overhead low to ensure a rapid cash flow and to fund the expansion of the practice.

Accounting and Tax CPA firms should be started from the comfort of their own homes. Clients today are quite open to having their accountants work from their home. Clients feel that they are receiving more value by working from home. The clients feel that the accountant incurs less overhead and is passing some of the savings on to their clients. Accountants can save on rent and other expenses which will increase their positive cash flow. This can be used to fund expansion without incurring debt. The accountant will decide if an office expansion is appropriate once the cash flow has been established. Accountants who work from home might find it so enjoyable that they choose not to move to an office.

A way that accountants can reduce overhead is to avoid expensive software. To support clients that they are yet to develop, many accountants buy unnecessary and very costly software. Excellent software companies offer excellent products at an affordable to moderate price. Drake Tax Software is an extremely cost-effective program with a strong reputation. The results of a software survey were published in the September 2011 issue of The Journal of Accountancy. Drake Tax Software received an exceptional score. Accounting & Tax CPA firms that are looking to start their own accounting and tax firm are encouraged to invest in good software. This will give them the basic tools they need to provide services to clients.

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