Installing A TV Wall Bracket Over the Fireplace

The best thing about a flat screen screen is its versatility. Placing the screen over a fireplace saves space and adds class to the room. It’s as easy as mounting a TV mounting service Alexandria VA to a wood wall or cement wall. The safety precautions that you should follow regardless of where your wall brackets are placed must be applied. Once you’ve decided that rough stone surfaces are the ideal place for your LCD TVs, go to the hardware store and get the appropriate mounting devices. A wall mount may be included in the TV package, but it may not work for you. Because you can customize the wall and view the display on how the TV brackets will fit, it is better to choose your own brackets. You can have an electrician help with the wiring, if needed.

It is important that a TV be mounted high enough so that it can be seen from 10 feet away. Because the fireplace restricts the placement of the TV screen at eye level, this is important. If the TV screen is able to be mounted at eye-level, the rule of 10 feet does not apply. For comfortable viewing, tilt the mount so that the TV screen can be turned to the right for viewing. You can use either a tilt or flat mount on a stone wall. You can find recommendations for wall mounts in the TV manual. Although it might seem comfortable to enjoy your favorite TV show while also having a fireplace to keep warm, you should consider the heat from the fireplace. Before mounting the mounts, check the recommended temperatures. You can start a fire, and then take temperature readings at different heights above the fireplace. After you’ve found the ideal temperature, mark it using indelible markings. Sit down on your couch and place the TV screen there. If the couch is not at the right place, you might have to move the indelible marks. Measure the distance from the couch to the wall as well the height of the TV screen.

Ask the attendants at hardware if they have display options similar to yours. You might be able get a better idea of the viewing angles by asking them to make minor adjustments. Also, consider hiding wires. You will be able to see all the wires in the space and it will look cleaner and more professional. To hide cables, you can use adhesive tapes and other accessories. An alternative option is to place an electrical wall box behind the television or run wires along the wall to the outlets. You will need all necessary tools to mount the wall mounting. You will need to have a masonry drill and wall anchors like concrete sleeve and raw bolts. A level and protection goggles are also necessary. You can place the mounting hardware in the places you have marked. To ensure the TV wall bracket is straight, finalize the markings with a level. Drill mounting holes equal to the dimensions of the anchors. The anchors should be inserted into the drill holes. The TV wall brackets should be fixed in the correct place and fastened to the wall. Mount the TV to the mount, and secure the safety tabs. The mount will keep the TV safe from falling off. Before mounting your TV set, ensure that the cables are correctly connected.

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